Buy Back Policies

We buy from you over the counter

We buy gold bullion in all forms, regardless of IPM or non-IPM, in coins, bars, ingot, gold jewelleries or scrap gold ranging from 9K to 24K.

Our CPMPL website Buying price listing is to give an indicative buyback price to our customers who wish to sell us their IPM gold coins/bars previously purchased from us.  If your gold item is not included in our list or was not previously purchased from us, you may contact us for more details.  Alternatively, you can visit our premise with your gold item, we will access and advise you our best offer price.

To most accurately reflect the current market price for gold/silver, our website pricing updated almost every minute, change from time to time, will serve as reference only.  To avoid any miscommunication, we do not entertain request to lock selling/buying prices via email or over the phone.  We fix and confirm all selling/buying price with you over our counter.

As with all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary disruption or failure, in such cases, our website Selling/Buying price will no longer takes as reference for sale or purchase.

If you are interested to sell us your gold, merely bring your gold, together with the relevant documents, and visit our shop during our office hour, we will attend to you soonest possible, no appointment required.  If your gold valued more than SGD20,000.00, kindly fix an appointment with us for us to attend to you exclusively.

It is easy to sell your gold to us:-

  1. Bring your gold along with  –
    • Purchase Invoice, if your gold was previously purchased from us
    • Your proof of ID, such as NRIC, Passport or work permit
  2. Visit our shop at 3 Pickering Street, #01-04 Nankin Row, Singapore 048660, during our operating hour:
    • 10.00 am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday)
    • 10.00am to 12.30pm (Saturday, excluding public holiday)
  3. Approach our staff over the counter, they will be most delighted to serve you, they will –
    • access and evaluate your gold in front of you and advise you the result of the evaluation.
    • quote you our best buying price base on the evaluation result.
  4. If you are selling us your gold, as part of our Standard Purchasing Procedure, we will need you to complete our Purchase Order with your name, residential address, ID reference and contact number. We will need to sight your original documents to verify these information from time to time.
  5. By default, we pay purchases over the counter by cash. Cheque payment will be upon your request, and issue payable to your name as per your ID only.

We quote you our buying price base the current market spot gold rate and the following criteria :-

  1. IPM gold product which
    • was purchased from us, is authentic, in good condition and in original packaging, we buy at our website Buying price
    • was purchased from us, is authentic, in good condition, not in good original packaging, we buy at our website buyback price at a discount
    • was purchased from us, is authentic, not in good condition, we buy at our scrap gold wafer buyback price
    • was not purchased from us, is authentic, in good condition and in its original packaging, we buy at our website buyback price at a discount,
    • was not purchased from us, is authentic, not in good condition, we buy at our scrap buyback price
  2. For non-IPM gold products, whether or not previously purchased from us, we buy at our scrap buyback price according to your gold purity.

** discount rate vary from item by item,  time to time, subjected to condition of gold and market demand for that particular item.

*** Scrap buyback price will be computed according to purity of gold and current gold spot rate using our scrap buyback formulas.