Our Group

The Company

Mission : To provide hassle free, professional precious metals dealings to both wholesale and retail customers.

Central Precious Metals was founded in 1993 as a Singapore registered company dealing in gold bullion business. It supplied mainly gold bullion in Kilobar and 100 grams form to jewellery manufacturers, goldsmiths and investors in Singapore and neighbouring countries.  Most transactions are on wholesale basic.  Our company provides daily  live gold rates in Chinese Tael to the local goldsmiths and wholesaler.

In 1995, Central Precious Metals expanded its business to scrap gold purchase. We buy scrap gold mainly in used jewellery form from local pawnshops. We are now providing both buying and selling gold rates serving the Singapore jewellery and pawnshop markets.  Since then we have emerged and established ourselves as one of the most trusted and reputable gold bullion company in Singapore.  Our gold rate is widely accepted as the settlement pricing between wholesalers, jewellers and manufacturers. Pawnbrokers use our gold rates for their daily business operations.  We have forged an extremely good business relationships with our clients over the years. Today, Central Precious Metals has soundly positioned itselve as a very strong bullion market player in Singapore providing a professional, transparent and trusted services to our broadening clienteles. With the Government’s effort to build Singapore as the gold hub in the East, our company has in the recent years increasingly serving the regional customers.

Our Team

We have a team of dedicated staff with many years of industry and banking experience to support our operations. Each of them is a specialist in their field of expertise.

Innovation & Technology

We are always looking at ways to improve our service to our customers and to deliver the best value possible. In the beginning, we relied heavily on human experience to assess the quality and authenticity of precious metals and jewellery brought to us. We have now industry standard equipment to help our staff do their job better. We utilise live electronic data feeds to ensure our quotes are always competitive and up-to-date. To ensure that our customers have our full support, we provide mobile apps for both IOS and Android devices so that they can access our gold prices at any time of the day.